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Exquisite Dental Studios is a high quality, detail oriented cosmetic lab.  We are a team of talented technicians that you can count on for new product education, updates on the latest restorative materials and most of all consistency.  Exquisite is the team that can change how you and your patients feel at insertion time.  We will exceed yours and your patients’ expectations and reduce stress in your office with our 5-minute insertion time and consistency you can count on.

Exquisite is a member of the AACD as well as a long time member of the Dawson Academy. Throughout our career, we have built strong, meaningful relationships with collages in both of these prestigious learning institutions.

You will see your practice grow through strong patient referrals.  It is the whole patient experience that will tell your patients they came to the right place.  The only way to achieve this success is to have a lab working with you that you can count on for quality and consistency every time.

We will show you what it means to have the dedication of a talented team working with you.  With over 25 years of chair-side experience we know what you need at insertion time and that’s what we give you.

We also believe that communication is one of the greatest tools to a successful relationship between a restorative dentist and their lab. For this reason we always make ourselves available to our clients when they need us. We love what we do at Exquisite and it shows. Creating a masterpiece each and every time that fits and makes our clients proud is an art and a science that we feel we have mastered at Exquisite.  At Exquisite you are part of a restorative team that makes it a priority to know you and what you expect from your lab, and then we work diligently every day to exceed all your expectations.