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Exquisite Mouthguards

The most important reason why Exquisite Custom Mouthguards are the best choice of protection you can buy is because they are made by dental technicians who have been in the dental industry for more than 25 years.

We have a reputation for exceptional quality, expert technical knowledge, and an extensive understanding of the oral environment.


Our mouth guards provide the maximum shock absorption for better protection.


Exquisite mouthguards allow you to breathe normally to give you better endurance. The perfect fit also allows you to focus on the game rather than trying to keep your mouthguard in place.

Custom Fit

Our mouthguards are made specifically for you on a dental model made from an impression of your teeth.


Our mouthguards are not bulky like all other mouthguards, so you will have the ability to speak more clearly.


Our mouthguards fit tight and secure in your mouth.

Boil & Bite Mouthguards

Boil and Bite mouthguards are the least expensive, and provide the least protection. These must first be boiled. Once the mouthguard is boiled, you must try and fit it to form properly to your teeth. In most cases, they do not fit properly, do not stay in place, can be chewed through, and may get distorted while trying to form the mouthguard to your teeth.

Stock Mouthguards

Stock mouthguards are inexpensive and come pre-formed, but are more expensive than boil and bite. There is no real protection provided to the athlete. They are bulky, can be chewed through, and the athlete will struggle to speak and breathe. Furthermore, they do not fit properly nor tight to the athlete’s teeth, therefore, making it difficult to keep in place in their mouth.

Vacuum Formed Mouthguards

Vacuum formed mouthguards provide a better fit and more protection than boil and bite or stock mouthguards, but not as well as pressure formed. Usually these types of mouthguards are made by dental professionals, however, are manufactured using older style equipment and material.

Exquisite Mouthguards

Exquisite mouthguards are pressure laminated mouthguards that have the most superior fit than any other mouthguard you can buy on the market. Given that pressure laminated mouthguards are made under an intense amount of pressure, they provide the most superior fit compared to vacuum formed. Additionally, they provide the most protection, the most comfort, fit snugly to the athlete’s teeth, and cannot be chewed through! Our mouthguards give all athletes the greatest ability to perform at their peak performance, and stay in the game!