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Your beautiful work is consistently sent to me on time. Chair side time literally reduced to a minimum. You are truly an asset to my practice, from a dental aspect and a mental one, with respect to reducing stress. The best crown and bridge lab I have ever dealt with is truly yours, and I respect your expertise and friendship, but most importantly your honesty!
Dr. Jeffrey Kasander, Bangor, PA
In working with Exquisite, I have a lab that fulfills my needs for quality and predictable results. Exquisite not only provides the esthetic result that I expect, but also has the knowledge to provide the functional result that I expect. I have worked many cases with Exquisite from single crowns to full mouth rehabilitations. There is rarely the need for cases to be returned for significant adjustments. However, when a case is sent back for revision ,there is no problem with the proper adjustments being completed. In fact, the majority of times, I have no occlusal adjustments, contact point adjustments, or fit adjustments at all. The case is tried in and cemented. Also, Exquisite has the knowledge about correct Functional Occlusion requirements which I feel is the requirement for any case to succeed. Therefore, there is great communication when it pertains to Centric Relation, Envelope of Function, Cuspid Guidance, Proper Protrusive Guidance, etc.. I have the confidence that when I have a cement visit scheduled, there will be no loss of production time due to repeated try-in visits. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Exquisite.
Dr Joseph W. Wolenski, Whitehouse Station, NJ
I have known and worked with the team at Exquisite dental lab for few years now, they have always come through with outstanding results no matter how difficult or complicated the case was, the level of craftsmanship they offer is truly phenomenal, plus the friendliness and level of communication they keep have always made my experience with them extremely pleasant.
Dr. Rami A. Khoury, Bethlehem, PA
I have been using Exquisite dental lab for over 10 years. The quality of the work is superb, but what separates Exquisite from other labs is the dedication to customer service and the willingness to do whatever they can to make my job easier.
Dr. Jason Birnbaum, Phillipsburg, NJ